Photo © IMJ, by David Harris, Peter Lanyi, Zev Radovan, Nahum Slapak, Mariana Zalzberger
Hexagonal bottle with common decorations: series of vessels, fruit-filled vases, birds, fruits, and faces and masks
Phoenician coast
1st century CE
Blue glass blown in three-part mold
H: 8.1; Diam: 4 cm
Accession number: 73.46.146
The small Sidonian bottle was used for marketing costly perfumes and oils, which were sold in small quantities. Many such bottles have been found in tombs throughout the ancient world. It is possible that some decorations reflect the bottle's contents.

Israeli, Yael, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum: The Eliahu Dobkin Collection and Other Gifts, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, 2003

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