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   Highlights of the Archaeology, Fine Arts, Jewish Art and Life collections

Glass for a burial society’s annual banquet
Prague, Bohemia

Itzhak Danziger

“Priestly Benediction” on amulets
Ketef Hinnom, Jerusalem
6th century BCE

Female figurine
Iron Age I, 12th century BCE

Nicolas Poussin
The Destruction and Sack of the Temple of Jerusalem

Elijah's chair
Bezalel School, Jerusalem
Design: Ze’ev Raban, Israeli, born Poland, 1890–1970

Marcel Duchamp

Model shrine
Iron Age II, 9th–8th century BCE

A musical ensemble on a ritual stand
Iron Age I, late 11th – early 10th century BCE

Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky)
Venus Restored
1936 / editioned replica 1971

Great dress (berberisca)
Tétouan, Morocco
19th century

Interior of the Horb synagogue
Horb am Main, Germany
Artist: Eliezer Sussman of Brody

Interior of the Kadavumbagam synagogue
Cochin, Southern India

Date of construction: 1539–44
Wooden decoration: 17th–18th centuries

The Rothschild Miscellany
Veneto, Northern Italy
ca. 1460–80
Unidentified scribe

Seder Plate from Pre-Expulsion Spain
ca. 1480

Torah ark curtain
Kriegshaber, Germany
ca. 1724
Embroiderer: Elkana Schatz Naumberg of Fürth

René Magritte
The Castle of the Pyrenees

Jewish bride from Sana'a, Yemen
Early 20th century

Nahal Hemar cave
Pre–Pottery Neolithic B, 7th millennium BCE

Figurine from Berekhat Ram
Berekhat Ram, Golan Heights
Lower Paleolithic 233,000 BP

Ngil society mask
Fang people, Gabon
Late 19th – early 20th century

Necklace (ogadéro)
Izmir, Turkey
Late 19th century

Bridal casket (cofanetto)
Northern Italy
Second half of the 15th century

Fishach, Southern Germany
Second half of the 19th century

Torah crown and finials
Aden, Southern Yemen
Second half of the 19th century

Gold-glass base
4th century CE

Anthropoid sarcophagi
Cemetery at Deir el-Balah
Late Canaanite period, 14th–13th century BCE

The calf and its shrine
Middle Canaanite period, 16th century BCE

Paul Klee
Angelus Novus

Mark Wallinger
Ecce Homo

James Turrell
Space That Sees

Pierre le Rouge, French, 15th century
after Lucas Brandis de Schass, German, 15th century

Map of the Holy Land

The Great Isaiah Scroll MS A (1QIsa)
Qumran, Cave 1
1st century BCE

The Florilegium Scroll (4Q174)
Qumran, Cave 4
Second half of the 1st century BCE

Rembrandt van Rijn
St. Peter in Prison (The Apostle Peter Kneeling)

Graffito with temple vessels
Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem
Herodian period, 1st century BCE

Statue of Aphrodite
Beth Shean
Roman period, 2nd century CE

Statue of the Emperor Hadrian
Camp of the Sixth Roman Legion, Tel Shalem, Beth Shean Valley
Roman period, 117–138 CE

Crucified Christ
Southern Lebanon (?)
Crusader period, late 12th – early 13th century

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