Chimu: Imperial Riches from the Desert of Peru

January 5, 2006-August 26, 2006
Location: Spertus Gallery
Curator: Yvonne Fleitman
Offering a portrait of daily life and aristocratic splendor in the capital city of Chan Chan, this exhibition is devoted to the Chimu civilization of Peru (1100–1470 CE), the largest empire to control the Andean desert coast before the rise of the Incas. The Chimu’s artistry is manifest in more than 200 objects from the Israel Museum’s rich holdings and from private collections: gold and silver works, textiles and featherwork, shell jewelry, and ceramics. Highlighted is a rare collection of burial offerings from the tomb of a Chimu lord. The exhibition also includes magnificent examples of the art and culture of the neighboring Lambayeque and Chancay peoples, who were conquered by the Chimu. This is the first comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to Chimu culture.