Big Bambú  | 5,000 Arms to Hold You -  Doug + Mike Starn

June 16, 2014-April 12, 2015

Location: Art Garden

Artist: Doug and Mike Starn

Media: Bamboo canes

Adult 10 NIS, child and senior citizen 5 NIS (in addition to Museum entrance ticket)

The Israeli debut of American artists Doug and Mike Starn, known for their large-scale exterior installations constructed from bamboo. Their works have been displayed in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Venice Art Biennale, Rome’s Museum of Modern Art, and Japan’s Noashima Museum. The artists – who are also identical twin brothers – have now been invited to create a new work in the Billy Rose Art Garden: an installation resembling a massive organism, made of thousands of bamboo canes tied together with colored string, which may be circled, climbed on, and entered into. The installation, combining architecture and sculpture, examines the tension between chaos and order in nature.
Visitors are able to reconstruct the building process, which was carried out by a special team of mountain climbers, to see how the construction changes over time and to witness the creation of a unique work of art.

User Guidelines

Entrance to the installation requires an additional fee:
IS 10 for an adult
IS 5 for a child or senior citizen
Members enter free of charge.

Space is limited for each time slot; entrance will be permitted only for the time slot marked on your ticket.

Please respect the following guidelines:

• Entrance to the installation is prohibited for children under age 6. Children aged 6–13 must be accompanied by an adult, with a limit of 2 children per adult.
• Entrance is prohibited to pregnant woman, and people who suffer from dizziness, epilepsy, or acrophobia; entrance after the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
• Entrance in high-heeled shoes or flip-flops is prohibited.
• Climbing and walking around the instillation is permitted only along the designated paths and while holding the hand-rail.
• Consumption of non-alcoholic drinks, in plastic bottles of up to half a liter, is allowed only on the balconies within the installation.
• All visitors must follow the instructions given by the guards; anyone failing to do so will not be permitted to climb the installation.
• Visitors in wheel chairs may view the installation at the specifically designated section.
• Smoking anywhere in or around the installation is prohibited.
• Visitors to the installation are required to be cautious and comply with the safety guidelines. Entrance to the installation area is the sole responsibility of the visitor.