June 2, 2013-February 8, 2014

Location: Ruth Youth Wing

Curator: Daniella Shalev

Is what we think we see really what we see? Or do our eyes not always tell us the truth? In this interactive exhibition, visitors are invited to feel the sense of surprise, awe, and wonder that arises in us when something turns out not to be what it seemed. Optical illusion – also known as trompe l’oeil – occurs when there is a gap between the information that is transmitted to the eyes from the external world and the way this information is interpreted in the brain through the prism of previous knowledge, experience, and memories. The artists whose works are displayed in this exhibition do not seek to depict the world but rather to express their own ideas about it; they invite us to reexamine what we took for granted, question our presuppositions, and discover new perspectives on reality