Displaced Visions Emigré Photographers of the 20th Century

May 28, 2013-October 5, 2013

Location: Nathan Cummings Building for Modern and Contemporary Art

Artist: André Kertész, Brassai, Bill Brandt, Man Ray, Robert Frank, and others

Curator: Nissan Perez

Media: Photography

Many of the 20th century’s key figures in photography, such as André Kertész, Brassai, Bill Brandt, Man Ray, and Robert Frank among others, were immigrants – people uprooted from their native countries, whether by choice or by necessity. This exhibition explores how this affected their vision and creativity while also promoting the evolution of the photographic vernacular in general. Presenting some of the earliest photographs they took in their new country, it reassesses the work of such artists in light of the social, psychological, cultural, linguistic, environmental, and visual changes that took place in their lives, focusing on how this passage transformed them as persons and as creative artists.