Fields of Vision : Landscapes by Israel Hershberg

December 4, 2012-February 9, 2013

Location: Focus Gallery

Artist: Israel Hershberg

Curator: Amitai Mendelsohn

Media: Painting

The eminent realist painter Israel Hershberg takes a long, hard, and unrelenting look at his subject, be it a still life, a portrait, a nude figure, or a landscape. For years he meticulously depicted isolated objects, capturing the effects of light and of time on their mutable surfaces, leaving no detail of texture or composition untended. Over the past decade, Hershberg has turned his gaze on vast open landscapes, each canvas the result of a couple of years of painstaking work. Three such landscapes are presented here: two views from Umbria in Italy and one of Tel Kakun in Israel’s Hefer Valley. Also exhibited is a small study for his planned fourth large-scale landscape.