Lines: Hadas Hassid and Avital Cnaani with Anna Ticho

July 10, 2012-October 9, 2012

Location: Ticho House

Artist: Hadas Hassid, Avital Cnaani

Curator: Timna Seligman

The exhibition brings together the work of artists Hadas Hassid and Avital Cnaani in dialogue with Anna Ticho, placing special emphasis on the medium of drawing. The line – central to draftsmanship – is the common denominator for all three artists, though it is given different expression through each one’s unique style. Ticho’s grand gestures or tight weaves of charcoal and pastel find their natural place between Hassid’s analytic, exacting experimentation with the tools of drawing and Cnaani’s expressive swirls and tangles, creating a three-pronged conversation across time and generations.