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Bread: Daily and Divine

May 30, 2006-January 6, 2007
Location: Weisbord Exhibition Pavilion
Curator: No'am Bar'am Ben-Yossef
Bread, that basic staple of daily life, harbors a multitude of meanings of which we are often unaware. Yet the making of bread is a kind of ever-recurring miracle. More than anything else, bread symbolizes the dawn of civilization, since its production requires experience with agricultural crops and the creation of special tools. Featuring many kinds of bread whose shapes carry symbolic significance – popular, religious, social, or political – for the three monotheistic religions in Israel, the exhibition presented the role of bread in life-cycle ceremonies and its significance in religious rituals and in the political sphere, as well as offering a glimpse into the world of bakers and tracing the entire process of bread making, from seed to loaf.