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Crossplay: Male Actors, Female Roles in Kabuki Theatre

July 3, 2012-November 10, 2012
Location: Focus Gallery
Curator: Miriam Malachi
Crossplay: Male Actors, Female Roles in Kabuki Theatre A glimpse into the world of Kabuki, a 400-year-old Japanese theatre, presented through a display of 30 prints and paintings from the Museum’s collection, alongside historical costumes from Japan belonging to actors in female roles. Performed on a large, elaborate stage by numerous actors, Kabuki plays are full of action, color, and sound. They enact historical and mythological tales, as well as subjects drawn from reality, such as unrequited love. The female roles are played by male actors, who act as women on and off stage (with the exception of their homes), and even serve as role models for women. The exhibition sheds light on this singular world in which theatre actors were treated and celebrated as Hollywood actors are today. Jointly organized with the Japan Foundation, in collaboration with Shochiku Co., Ltd., and the Isetan Mitsukoshi, Ltd., department store.