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Beuys | Kantor: Remembering

May 22, 2012-October 27, 2012
Location: Nathan Cummings Building for Modern and Contemporary Art
Artist: Joseph Beuys and Tadeusz Kantor
Curator: Jaromir Jedlinski, Curator-in-charge, Suzanne Landau
This exhibition traces the parallel story of the life and work of German artist Joseph Beuys (1921–1986) and Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor (1915–1990). Anamnesis – calling to mind, summoning up memory – is the key word when approaching the oeuvre of these two revolutionary figures of 20th-century art. Both returned again and again to their personal life stories and both addressed complex issues of German-Polish-Jewish relations and the traumatic upheavals of European history that each had experienced in very different ways. Both worked in a wide range of fields and media, deliberately testing limits and crossing lines. Although they drew constantly, and Kantor also painted, they are chiefly known for their actions – happenings, theater performances, street manifestations, lectures, debates, and more. The exhibition – the first-ever comprehensive presentation of Beuys in Israel – presents key examples of their multifaceted work, bringing together loans from important holdings in Europe and offering our public a singular museum experience.