Wall Work I : Efrat Natan, Tent, 2011

March 17, 2011-December 12, 2011

Location: Aaron Levy Hall

Artist: Efrat Natan

Curator: Amitai Mendelsohn, Curator of the David Orgler Department of Israel Art

Efrat Natan’s work replicates an early 20th-century tent used by the armies that fought in the Middle East during World War I and then by the pioneers who built up the Jewish settlement in Palestine. Placed on the high black wall, the tent appears to float in mid-air. As in her other works, Natan establishes a dialogue with personal and collective symbols from the early days of Zionism, whose content and meaning have evolved over time. Unlike a tent firmly pegged into the ground, it is suspended upside down. Empty and unusable, it has lost its erstwhile function, yet it shines like a bright star in dark skies.