Sands of Time: The Work of Micha Ullman

June 21, 2011-November 12, 2011

Location: Nathan Cummings Building for Modern and Contemporary Art

Artist: Micha Ullman

Curator: Chief Curator-at-Large Yigal Zalmona

Media: Sculpture and drawing, featuring his own unique sand-throwing technique

Noted Israeli artist Micha Ullman’s first museum retrospective, Sands of Time, spans his fifty-year career in sculpture and drawing. Ullman, an Israel Prize laureate and recipient of numerous international honors, is known for his subterranean installations, some of them protruding slightly from the ground, as well as for his iron and sand sculptures – all of which address such universal themes as home and place, absence and emptiness. In 1995 Ullman achieved recognition worldwide for his deeply moving underground library void, created as a memorial in Berlin’s Bebelplatz, where the Nazis burned thousands of books on May 10, 1933. On the occasion of the Israel Museum retrospective, Ullman created a 200-square-meter installation using his distinctive sand-throwing technique. Hebrew catalogue