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Photographs: Gilad Ophir, Sharon Ya’ari In conjunction with

December 5, 2010-February 26, 2011
Location: Ticho House
Artist: Gilad Ophir and Sharon Ya'ari
Curator: Timnah Seligman
Media: Photography
The thicket, a prevalent motif in works on paper as well as in photography, is the theme of the current biennale. It is exemplified here by the works of two Israeli artists, Gilad Ophir and Sharon Ya'ari. Although both photographers focus on the traces left in the landscape by urban development and wasteland, their works reflect a different perspective on the various thickets surrounding us, whether in the countryside or in the city. Echoes of Anna Ticho’s drawings (exhibited on the upper floor), which commonly explored the thicket either as subject or technique, may be found in Ophir's and Ya'ari's photographs. "Traces IV" is held in five different art spaces and galleries in Jerusalem.