Life: A User's Manual

April 12, 2011-February 4, 2012

Location: Weinstein Gallery, Ruth Youth Wing, Beningson Gallery, Ruth Youth Wing

Artist: Boaz Arad, Maya Attoun, Ido Bar-El, Guy Ben-Ner, Aya Ben Ron, George Brecht, Grisha Bruskin, Mircea Cantor, Michael Druks, Marcel Duchamp, Yair Garbuz, Rodney Graham, Irit Hemmo, Paul Jackson, Joe Jones, Jerzy Michalowicz, Yoav Miller, Tal Mor, Damian Ortega, Benjamin Patterson, Philip Rantzer, Yair Reshef and Roee Kremer, Gil Marco Shani, Andy Warhol, Gal Weinstein, Julita Wojcik, Yuval Yairi.

Curator: Aya Miron, Associate Curator, Israeli Art Department

Media: Painting, sculpture, photography, prints, drawings, video, and installation

We are beset by instructions from every direction: some are imposed on us as guidelines or regulations, while we choose to incorporate others into our lives in the form of assembly kits, recipes for success, and other preparatory instructions. The works in the exhibition address, the culture of "Do It Yourself" and the role of instructions and regulations in daily life. In most of the works, instructions are subverted, emphasizing the absurdity and internal contradictions often found in reality. Works made by prominent contemporary artists from Israel and abroad are exhibited alongside objects from the Israel Museum's various collections. Visitors, adults and children alike, will find instructions throughout the exhibition, which they may either follow or ignore. PES, Western Spaghetti, USA, 2009, 1:44 mins. Yonny Zafrani , Answering Machine, Israel, 2008, 3:04 mins. H5 studio, Röyksopp - Remind Me, France, 2002, 4:04 mins. Alexandre DUBOSC, Food about you, France, 2010, 1:37 mins. Benjamin Arthur and Robert Krulwich, Why Can’t We Walk Straight?, USA, 2010, 3:34 mins. John Kelly, The Seed, UK 2010, 2:09 mins. Duration: 16:12 minutes The exhibition name was inspired by George Perec's La Vie mode d'emploi, 1978; in English Life A User's Manual, trans. David Bellos (London: Vintage Books, 2003), Hebrew translation by Ido Bassok (Tel Aviv: Babel Publishers, 2005).