Jakob’s Dream: Steinhardt in Prints, Drawings, and Paintings

December 1, 2010-March 5, 2011

Location: Rena (Fisch) and Robert Lewin Gallery, Hildegard and Simon Rothschild (Switzerland) Foundation Gallery

Artist: Jakob Steinhardt

Curator: Ronit Sorek, Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings

Media: Prints, drawings, and paintings

Jakob Steinhardt, who emigrated from Germany to Palestine with the rise of the Nazi regime, is best-known for his dramatic woodcuts. This wide-ranging exhibition presents his masterpieces in prints, drawings, and paintings. Following his arrival in Jerusalem in the mid-1930s, he became one of the city's leading artistic figures and a beloved teacher first in his own studio and then at the Bezalel School. His artworks reflect his sharp perceptions of his hometown in eastern Germany, bohemian life in interwar Berlin, the life of the Jews in Lithuania's remote villages, the neighborhoods of Jerusalem before and after the establishment of the State, and, alongside these, the biblical figures that accompanied him throughout his career. His expressive works clearly reflect his worldview, which saw art as a means of educating the public and of transmitting political and social messages. The exhibition acknowledges the bequest of the artist's works to the Israel Museum, through the generosity of his family.