Artists' Choices - Zvi Goldstein: Haunted by Objects

July 26, 2010-January 8, 2011

Location: Bella and Harry Wexner Gallery

Artist: Zvi Goldstein

Curator: Zvi Goldstein and Tamar Gispan-Greenberg

Media: Mixed media

Haunted by Objects is a tapestry woven from 62 POEMs in Zvi Goldstein’s book Room 205, objects selected from the Israel Museum’s encyclopedic holdings, and a few everyday items found in the Museum’s offices. These are crowded together on the gallery walls, recalling the 16th- and 17th-century wonder cabinets that preceded modern museums. The display, eclectic yet whole, brings out hidden connections, but it also challenges contemporary concepts of museums and curatorship.

This exhibition is a new spatial creation – an installation that takes Museum holdings as its readymades. There is no hierarchy to the objects and texts; all are equal in the artist-curator’s eyes. The displayed works give concrete expression to the visions of the poet’s mind: they interpret and objectify the POEMs in Room 205, “an amalgamated poetry and prose description of a condensed open-eye recall experience” Goldstein had one morning. The exhibition reflects tensions between center and periphery, rupture and creativity, text and object, “high” and “low,” all of which coexist in one composite entity.