Sitting Low, Seeing Far

February 8, 2010-March 11, 2010

Location: Ruth Youth Wing

Curator: Michal More

The Israel Museum and the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design – both descendants of institutions founded by Boris Schatz – operate on two of Jerusalem's hilltops. In this exhibition, they have joined forces for the first time, focusing on education, art, and the stool. Though it is objects that are on display here, the guiding spirit and creative learning process are at the heart of the exhibition. Each year, the Industrial Design Department's students and instructors go down to the lowest spot on earth to create in another environment. Because of the time constraints – only 48 hours – and the restriction to local resources, participants naturally opt for the traditional handicrafts, such as engraving, wood carving, and wicker weaving. These techniques do honor to the heritage of Boris Schatz, who sought to establish a cultural center in Jerusalem where contemporary Hebrew art would be produced. His legacy is pursued by the new Bezalel School, established in the spirit of the Bauhaus movement, which promoted the integration of the fine arts, the crafts, and industrial design.