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Comeback: New Works by Hadas Ophrat

January 18, 2007-March 24, 2007
Location: Billy Rose Pavilion
Artist: Hadas Ophrat
Curator: Tali Tamir
Media: Installation
Five installations by multidisciplinary artist Hadas Ophrat combined sculptural elements with video and sound. The works dealt with cycles, contrasts and reconciliations between extremes, and processes of birth and death. All combined a component of absolute order with a powerful emotional and physical element. The central images – gardens, seeds, spice boxes, female portraits, orchids – were arrayed around the figure of the artist, who appears in the videos, but is also alluded to in the myrtle leaves (hadas in Hebrew) that decorated the garden and were carved in the spiceboxes. The myrtle leaves became the exhibition's "skin," as well as a metaphor for the artist's physical presence in the very spirit and soul of the artwork.