The Homes of Others: Video Art and Photography

March 7, 2008-May 9, 2008
Location: Ticho House
Artist: Aya Ben Ron, Uri Gershuni, Noa Gross, Dana Levy, Ruti Nemet, Pavel Wolberg, and Yuval Yairi.
Curator: Aya Miron
Media: Video art and photography
Seven contemporary Israeli photographers and video artists investigated the emotional echoes heard in vacated homes. In some cases, the inhabitants were gone for good, and the focus was on real or imagined memories that permeated the emotionally charged space. In others, the residents were only away temporarily, and the artists became voyeurs who had “invaded” their living space. The inhabitants’ absence, the intrusion of the camera, and the way in which other people’s homes are simultaneously familiar and alien – all of these contributed to the emotional tension at the core of the show. Added meaning came from the particular setting: Ticho House, once a private dwelling, now a public space. Aya Ben Ron, Margalith, 2007 Video, 19 mins, Collection of the artist