Connection: New Works by Belu-Semion Fainaru

October 21, 1997-March 22, 1998
Location: Ayala Zacks Abramov Pavilion for Israel Art
Artist: Belu-Semion Fainaru
Curator: Yigal Zalmona
The exhibition Connection: New Works by Belu-Semion Fainaru was the result of a partnership that the Israel Museum initiated between artist Fainaru and three writers, Yossel Birstein, Chaim Be'er, and Dan Benaya Seri. Parts of the exhibit related to texts written by these authors, some of them following meetings and walks through Jerusalem with the artist. The exhibition was inspired by a well-known Jerusalem character in the 1950s known as "Connection to One." She proclaimed her personal, direct link to God and even wanted to connect the city of Jerusalem, its houses, its streets and its people with a white string. Like Connection to One, Fainaru attempted to connect contrasts and contradictions: roaming and the stability of home; religious and secular; memory and forgetfulness; and Israeli and Jewish identity. This link is created through art. The articles and environments that Fainaru designed represented both the insanity and the possibility of connecting antitheses.By using simple objects, he created a strata of meanings that related to Jewish history, Zionism, the holocaust, and questions and territories.