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Live and Die as Eva Braun - Hitler's Mistress in a Bunker in Berlin, and Beyond - Roee Rosen

November 11, 1997-February 28, 1998
Location: Billy Rose Pavilion
Artist: Roee Rosen
Curator: Judith Kaplan
Media: Text and black-and-white works on paper
In the exhibition Live and Die as Eva Braun at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, the young Israeli artist Roee Rosen dealt with the trauma of the Holocaust and its visibility. Live and Die as Eva Braun is comprised of a brief text and 60 black-and-white works on paper, which were later published as an artist's book. Combined with his own, personal iconography, the images, symbols, and other components of his works pertained directly to the Holocaust, Nazism, and the German culture. Nonetheless, Roee Rosen didn't present the Holocaust directly, but rather as a memory. Rosen raised questions about the meaning of this memory in our consciousness and first and foremost in his own. His treatment of those questions was very personal and emotional, bringing to the surface the impossible, the uncomfortable, the pain, the horror, and the violence, and examining the way in which they infiltrated into his consciousness and became a part of it.