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As a Passing Shadow - Israel Hershberg: Paintings

November 18, 1997-March 28, 1998
Location: Ayala Zacks Abramov Pavilion for Israel Art
Artist: Israel Hershberg
Media: Painting
The exhibition As a Passing Shadow Israel Hershberg: Paintings featured some 30 works by one of Israel's foremost realist artists. In his painting, Israel Hershberg is apparently engaged with the permanent and absolute. It seems as though the entities he depicts could endure forever, transfixed by the very act of painting. Yet by painting the permanent, Hershberg reveals what is actually transient. He focuses on the poetics of the outer surface, and his brush repeatedly points out the incidental, ephemeral aspects: moles, bulging veins, blisters, hairs, stains left by oil and paint. The blatant physicality of his painting is conveyed through the sensuousness of the objects depicted, however, these highly tactile pictures are also laden with spiritual intensity. Hershberg's depictions convey the ephemeral fragility of the subjects he paints and their manifold parts. The paintings develop from the confrontation of opposites, not only the component as opposed to the whole, but most strikingly, the conflict derived from the relationship between shadow and light, a central theme in Hershberg's work.