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New Antiquities: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Israel

November 25, 1997-March 28, 1998
Location: Weisbord Exhibition Pavilion
Curator: Ossnat Misch Brandl
Media: Archaeology
The exhibition New Antiquities: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Israel presented 300 objects from recent excavations in Israel for the first time in The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. The exhibition presented objects from the Prehistoric Era until the Fatimid Period (10th - 11th century CE). Divided into 19 groups shown throughout the entire two-floored pavilion, the display included finds from the excavations at Hazor, Caesarea, Khirbet es-Samara, Bethsaida, Peki in, Ohalo, Beth Shean, Tel Dor, Ekron (Tel Miqne), Maresha, Ashkelon, and Horvat Uzah. Among those finds were the world's most ancient grains dating back 19,000 years, a wine set from the 13th century BCE, a letter inscribed on a clay cylinder from the 14th century BCE, anthropomorphic figurines, ossuaries, ancient glass from the Roman period, hoards of coins, mosaics and bronze vessels of the Fatimid period from the Caesaria Hoard.