Nature's Factory, Winter 2046

February 13, 1998-April 18, 1998

Location: The Hamumcheh Gallery, Tel Aviv

Artist: Benni Efrat and Ronny Someck

Curator: Meira Perry-Lehmann and Shlomit Shak'ked.

The exhibition "Nature's Factory, Winter 204",  Benni Efrat and Ronny Someck  presented six projects that combined visual images and words. The result was a rare and fascinating weave created by painter, sculptor, printmaker and filmmaker Benni Efrat and poet Ronny Someck. The projects, which walked the line between compassion and violence, held up a mirror to human behavior, stripped of its veneer of civilization and trampling nature and man in a passion of violence. The visual images passed through six routes of initiation and survival. The poems shattered with the grid of eggs on which they were written, fought to survive on a bed of steaming milk, or were eaten by bees. "Nature's Factory, Winter 2046 " was the first exhibition presented by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem in Tel Aviv.