February 22, 2009-June 5, 2009

Location: Ticho House

Artist: Hilla Ben Ari, Yifat Bezalel, Jan Tichy, Maya Zack,  Shaul Zemach, Efrat Klipshtein, Ruth Orr, Yael Goren-Strauss, and Paul Jackson 

Curator: Ronit Sorek

Paper is commonly used as a neutral base on which to draw, print, and draft. Yet in this exhibition, paper became a dynamic force in its own right, with direct impact on the resulting artwork. The artists use paper to build, fold, cut, and crease - some even creating a world of fantasy that, although built of a soft, ephemeral substance, possesses a powerful presence. This exhibition showcased works by young Israeli artists reflecting their attitude towards nature, locality, childhood, and their inner lives.