Jacques Lipchitz: Drawing and Sculpture

November 7, 2002-February 8, 2003
Location: Nathan Cummings Building for Modern and Contemporary Art
Artist: Jacques Lipchitz
Curator: Stephanie Rachum
Media: Drawing and sculpture
One of the great artists of the 20th century, Jacques Lipchitz (1891 - 1973) was born in Lithuania and worked in France and the United States. A leading formulator of cubist language in modern sculpture, he created works that expressed powerful responses to violence, war, and the Holocaust. The exhibition sheds light on his ideas and his work process, from drawings through three-dimensional studies to the finished sculpture. The drawings are on loan from the artist's son and from the Marlborough Gallery, New York, while the sculptures come from the Israel Museum's substantial collection of Lipchitz sculptures, donated by his brother.