Food in Art: A Matter of Taste

December 1, 2002-March 9, 2004
Location: Ruth Youth Wing
Curator: Hagitte Alon and Smedar Gafni
Artists have depicted food since time immemorial.Banquets, picnics,and fast food,fruit,chocolate,and even hot peppers – all have served as subjects,symbols,and motifs in painting, sculpture,literature,and cinema since the time of ancient Greece and Rome up until contemporary art.Food is not only the basis of our existence,it is also a celebration for the senses –of taste and smell,and not less importantly,the visual sense. In this exhibition you are invited to use all your senses to enjoy works of art,film excerpts,activity corners,and a kitchen full of surprises.There will also be a space for changing exhibits,first of which is “Basic Instinct” by Sasha Okun.