Mordecai Ardon: Landscapes of Infinity

February 21, 2003-August 2, 2003
Location: Unspecified location
Artist: Mordechai Ardon
Curator: Ruth Apter-Gabriel
One of Israel’s best-known artists internationally, Ardon (1896–1992) was born in Poland and educated at the German Bauhaus. In 1933 he immigrated to Palestine, where the local landscape had an enormous impact on him. From his early portrayals of the spiritual qualities of Jerusalem and its hills, through his concern with color and texture, to his later probings into the cosmos, Ardon used landscape as a tool for exploring and searching, always looking for the hidden meaning underlying the obvious. Concurrently on show at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is the exhibition Mordecai Ardon: Time, Space and Metaphysics.