Illustration, That’s the Whole Story
Winners of the Israel Museum Ben-Yitzhak Award for the Illustration of a Children’s Book, 2016

May 31, 2016-December 31, 2016

Location: The Ruth Youth Wing Illustration Library

Artist: Eitan Eloa, Naama Benziman, Aya Gordon-Noy, David Polonsky, Roni Fahima

Curator: Orna Granot

Media: Children's books illustration

A true story about a song and a story in which the heroines are letters from a familiar popular song ... a broom that looks like a lion and a boy and his porcelain piggy-bank... and a special book with three Grimm Brothers fairy tales that turn into a giant poster when you read them.

These are the heroes of the illustrated books that have won the Israel Museum Ben Yizhak Prize for illustrated children's books for 2016.

The exhibition includes a selection of the prize-winning illustrations], together with letters that were written and drawn by illustrators especially for the exhibition.

Eitan Eloa won the 2016 Award for his book The Brothers Grimm According to Frishman. Honorable Mention was awarded to Naama Benziman for her illustrations of Amelia; Aya Gordon-Noy for her illustrations of Alphabet; David Polonsky for his illustrations in Breaking the Pig; and Roni Fahima for Hyacinth, a Story about Friendship and Song.

The award ceremony and exhibition opening will take place on July 1 at 11 am in the Youth Wing Illustration Library and the Youth Wing Auditorium.

Winners of the Israel Museum Ben-Yitzhak Award for the Illustration of a Children's Book, 2016

Eitan Eloaת The Brothers Grimm According to Frishman

Aya Gordon-Noy Alphabet

Naama Benziman, Amelia

David Polonsky, Breaking the Pig