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          Video Drawing

The medium of drawing is immediate and primal. It comes directly from the mind and hand of its creator, forging an intimate bond between the artist and the individual viewer. The line is composed of its principal elements, but its erasure and its surrounding space also serve to define it. For centuries drawing has fulfilled traditional means, even lending itself to the disciplines of both painting and sculpture. Video, on the other hand, is a relatively new medium, the continuation of photography and the moving image, cinema. Unlike drawing, it is devoid of materiality and texture. It can be infinitely replicated, and is intended for viewing by a wide audience. The meeting of these two contrasting forms of expression stands at the core of this exhibition, challenging the power of drawing to maintain its unique qualities and adopt new dimensions of time and motion as well as testing its boundaries, while endowing video with the added value of the artist’s touch.

The exhibition presents several potentialities for the combination of drawing and video, including video documentation of the act of drawing, animated films created from drawings, a video projected on a drawing, and digital drawing. A number of recurring motifs in the works can be identified, including: erasure, or alternatively, layered drawings; the use of video as a source of light and means of animation; computer programs employed as a drawing tool; and the presence of the artist’s hand in the frame. Most of the works demand a deep contemplation on the process of drawing and its exposure through video, and they are witness to the traces left by the artist. Hung throughout the house, Anna Ticho’s drawings solidify the role of traditional drawing and engage in lively dialogue with the other works in the exhibition.


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