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?של מי התמונות האלה

המשמורת, חקר המוצאות וההשבה של יצירות אמנות שנשדדו בצרפת במלחמת העולם השנייה
יצירות אמנות שנגזלו בזמן השואה והופקדו למשמרת במוזיאון ישראל
Looking for Owners
Custody, Research, and Restitution of Art Stolen in France during World War II
Orphaned Art
Looted Art from the Holocaust in the Israel Museum



The Central Registry of Information on   Collection Schloss (France)

The Central Registry of Information on
Looted Cultural Property, 1933-1945

The site provides resources to advance knowledge of the cultural spoliation of Europe by the Nazi regime. Includes a database of looted objects and objects under investigation in museums throughout the world. Other information, such as government reports, claimant information, and research resources are available and organized by country.

Collection Schloss (France)

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published the catalogue of non-restituted Dutch and Flemish art stolen from the Adolphe Schloss collection during World War II. The catalogue lists only works not restituted by July 1, 1997, and includes photographs.
Lost Art Internet Database (Germany)   Musées nationaux récupération (MNR) (France)

Lost Art Internet Database (Germany)

Sponsored by Germany's central office for the documentation of lost cultural property, this site focuses on cultural objects that were taken from their owners in relation to Nazi persecution or that were relocated as a result of World War II. Users may search the databases for works whose loss has been reported and may register works that have been lost.

Musées nationaux récupération (MNR) (France)

The direction des musées de France has created a database of the 2,000 works of art in its program Musées nationaux Récupération (National Museums Recovery Programme). These works have been stored in national museums, provincial museums, and the Mobilier national (National Furniture Collection) since 1949. The database includes a catalogue of these works consisting of descriptions of each art work accompanied by illustrations.
Origins Unknown: Art and the Second World War (The Netherlands)   United States National Archives and Records Administration Holocaust-Era Assets

Origins Unknown: Art and the Second World War (The Netherlands)

After the war, the Stichting Nederlandsch Kunstbezit (SNK) returned many of the recuperated works of art to their rightful owners on behalf of the Dutch state. A large number of works of art in the state's custody constitute the Nederlands Kunstbezit-collectie (NK Collection). The project office Herkomst Gezocht traces the original owners over fifty years after the end of World War II.
United States National Archives and Records Administration Holocaust-Era Assets

A substantial quantity of records relating to Holocaust-era art provenance and claims researc
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