The lens-based arts - photography and video - have recently become the ultimate creative media as well as the most factual, constantly monitoring and delivering a first-hand account of the pulse of nations and societies. The visual documents and statements they produce reflect an up-to-date and multifaceted image of the pace and changes of countries and cultures.

The reality of Israel today fosters a haunting, high-tension yet stimulating environment in which survival is the central challenge, one in which art may seem to be a gratuitous and futile act. From the Intifada, through the conflict surrounding the construction of the separation wall, to the Second Lebanon war and social issues such as deepening poverty, the last years and especially 2006 have been particularly traumatic.

How then do artists (also as citizens) come to terms with this distressing reality? Unrelenting violence, war, social discrimination, political instability – these and other ills of contemporary society are treated in a wide choice of alternatives which fuse cosmopolitan values with local cultural contexts.

The well-defined and refined personal approaches as well as the diversity of the distinctive strategies and points of view offered in this exhibition reveal a partial, yet up-to-date image of contemporary Israeli photography and video, and of existence in Israel. The artists’ works are charged with a wide range of implications about the complexity of life in the country. They express deep preoccupations with the energies, beliefs, tensions and, grief and joy, trust and suspicion, through which the ghosts of the past and dilemmas of the present can be confronted only partially.

In a place and time where the past and the present, the personal and the political become inseparable, these works combine the universal artistic/photographic vernacular with the local/national/cultural. Their art presents a unique personal vision of the artists’ concerns and bears witness to their engagement to improve both the reality and the image of their homeland. Their contribution is not only to photography or the arts, but to the articulation of Israeli culture itself.
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