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James S. Snyder
Anne and Jerome Fisher Director
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Emily Campbell
British Council
Head of Design & Architecture, London

Ruth Ur
British Council
Assistant Director (Creativity), Israel


Alex Ward
Curator of Design and Architecture
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Daniel Weil


I got to know the work of Sam Hecht when I was Professor of Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art; later I also met Kim Colin, who was teaching Architecture at the College. With the establishment of their studio Industrial Facility, these two minds and these two disciplines have come together. The designers follow a road less traveled and until now not so visible, and that's perhaps not such a bad thing. On this road, they carry with them three bags: found, made, and thought - simultaneous endeavours that are equally important in moving design forward. Without finding, there is no thinking and without thinking, there can be no making. Without this baggage, you are left with mere applied thought - ideas that may be quick to assemble, but cannot point to a cultural future.

Hecht and Colin belong to a small but important group who believe that design does not have to be stylistic, personal, or themed, but is instead what I would call ghost-like. Like ghosts, their objects seem bare and unfinished, but have a richness - and perhaps even longevity - acquired through use. A ghost is closer to the intent of design, because it is multidimensional. It is both material and immaterial. It has a presence, but as a spirit; it is the essence. Nourishment comes from finding, simultaneously to the process of creation, the ideas and thoughts that move design forward, continuously looking at the world. Hecht and Colin's work is much more than mere problem solving, because problems have no "found" in them - and therefore no surprises. Now is the time for industrial design to put thought before making.

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