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James S. Snyder
Anne and Jerome Fisher Director
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Emily Campbell
British Council
Head of Design & Architecture, London

Ruth Ur
British Council
Assistant Director (Creativity), Israel


Alex Ward
Curator of Design and Architecture
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Daniel Weil


The projects in this section of the exhibition are speculative, the result of ideas that are generated separately from any particular design brief: they are experiments spawned from continual discussion and obsessive fascination. Once a line of thinking is articulated, the project moves very quickly into the stage of making functioning prototypes to test the thinking. In-between other projects or alongside them, this activity is essential, not only to our hunger for investigating the unknown, but also for pushing industry itself. Since the projects are free from the constraints of marketing, they challenge industry into questioning why things are the way they are.

Most of the ideas come from something we stumbled upon in the process of doing something else. For instance, when we learn that a particular technology has become affordable, there is often an opportunity to re-contextualize a particular product's typology by involving it. In these experiments the end goal is not decided, only the starting point is.

Some projects eventually do become "right" for presentation. But this does not ensure their manufacture - sometimes their fate is to remain conjectural. The work is always thought of in a mass-market arena - not as limited editions; yet even though the majority of these experiments do not move into the mass market, we find that they are of enormous value.

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