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James S. Snyder
Anne and Jerome Fisher Director
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Emily Campbell
British Council
Head of Design & Architecture, London

Ruth Ur
British Council
Assistant Director (Creativity), Israel


Alex Ward
Curator of Design and Architecture
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Daniel Weil


This section of the exhibition includes work that has been "realized," manufactured, and distributed. These are ideas that have found a form and a home. There is great satisfaction in production - but often also a lot of struggle along the way.

Projects are always worked on with a view to how they will be made. There is no such thing in the studio as a "paper idea" - one that exists only as a sketch. Materiality, meaning, and manufacture are considered simultaneously.

Some of the projects have come about when clients asked us to solve a specific problem. Some have come about through competitions with other designers. Some came without any real problem to solve, out of an overwhelming awareness of possibilities. Some have grown out of our own experimentation and curiosity. Once made, all of them have lives of their own.

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