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James S. Snyder
Anne and Jerome Fisher Director
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Emily Campbell
British Council
Head of Design & Architecture, London

Ruth Ur
British Council
Assistant Director (Creativity), Israel


Alex Ward
Curator of Design and Architecture
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Daniel Weil


Collections are very useful tools. There is a story in each of the objects and a story to them as a group. Found includes selections from two collections - materials and objects - that the Industrial Facility studio relies upon in different ways. The extensive materials collection affects our work directly; the objects, gathered from around the world, have a more subversive influence.

Found materials are either researched for a specific project or, more commonly, stumbled upon. The library, with now over 1,000 samples, is kept in an organized but informal way. Every material has its own unique qualities, which are sometimes so simple that we do not fully understand them until they fulfill their potential in a project. The collection started as a tool for communicating with engineers, to show that something could in fact be done, urging them to find possibilities within manufacturing. Material and color are never simply applied to an object, even in decoration; rather, they form an integral part of the idea for the product. In this exhibition, we have selected materials that imitate others: plastic as wood, plastic as ceramic, rubber as glass, etc. Whereas in the works themselves we try to avoid imitation, in research we are intrigued by the possibilities that imitation allows.

Found objects are a part of the much larger "Under a Fiver" collection of over 200 everyday objects, started in 1994. Each item costs less than £5, serves a primary and specific need - a tool, some food, something to keep us healthy - and is gathered from around the world. Objects are chosen for their deceptive "strangeness," and for the joy they provide in revealing a profound insight into the values of contemporary culture.

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