A product of the VHS generation, Naohiro Ukawa represents the cutting-edge of a new group of creators that appeared on the scene in the 1990s. At the time, the mixing of media and artistic expression become very popular, erasing boundaries between mainstream and underground art. Ukawa's seemingly endless energy has extended to many fields, from heading the music label MOM 'N' DAD and acting as DJ and VJ, to writing, directing, and working in graphic design. He declares that the boundaries between these various genres have no meaning or interest for him.

Naohiro Ukawa was one of the first artists in Japan to create what was considered underground music. Hiswork includes an odd blend of Moog electronic synthesizer and original music, resulting in "Yamataka Eye Noise Unit" by the Hanatasashi band and a CD entitled "The Exotic Moog Age Bachelor Pad Music."

Ukawa is a serious - and eclectic - collector, with interests that include records, digital instruments, video casettes, pornography, and books on art and philosophy.

His work has been exhibited both in Japan and abroad, he has participated in TV shows and has organized parties, and he is extremely prolific, writing more than seventy VJ plays in one year alone.

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