In 1993, after working with the Miyake Design Studio for ten years, Kosuke Tsumura decided to set up on his own and founded Final Home. The signature piece of his collection is a transparent nylon recyclable coat with 44 multifunction zip pockets. Tsumura sees the coat as being the ultimate contemporary urban shelter and equates it with the company's credo: "Live Survive Protect."

Tsumura was motivated to rethink his entire attitude toward fashion by the growing number of homeless living in the parks and public spaces of Tokyo. He sees his garments as survival apparel for today's constantly mobile, nomadic society. Taking his inspiration from the look and functionality of hunting clothes, the designer makes use of durable high-tech fabrics and air-conditioning filters from industrial suppliers.

Final Home's products are not limited to clothing, but also include such items as cardboard sofas, skate furniture, and a soft teddy bear designed to "heal one's heart." The company supports organizations that aid refugees and disaster victims and participates alongside famous artists in refugee relief charity events.

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