The retail textile outlet NUNO (cloth) is synonymous with fabrics of unparalleled sophistication and artistry. Since its establishment in 1984, the NUNO studio headed by Reiko Sudo has produced over 1,500 original fabrics and is recognized as a world leader in avant-garde textiles.

Reiko Sudo's textiles combine high-tech production methods with natural textiles and traditional fibers such as silk, cotton, wool, linen, and, more recently, polyester, banana fiber, copper, and stainless steel. One characteristic of her designs is the interjection of the manual process into manufacturing - stopping the weaving every few meters, for example, to insert feathers, or scattering nails onto a cloth to produce rust marks.

Sudo's creativity manifests itself in surprising ways, such as the intertwining of threads with incompatible shrink ratios which are then placed in a hot dryer to produce unexpected sculptural effects; or metallic films that are bonded to traditional threads, such as cotton and silk, and then melted to create transparent filigrees.

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