Following his graduation from the Department of Photography at Osaka's University of Arts, Hiroyuki Matsukage co-founded the radical art group Complesso Plastico with Jiro Hirano. Matsukage's photographic work flirts with the conventions of advertising and Japanese and Western iconography. He has perfected playing with clich י and antithesis; for example, his 1995 photo image BEER, SEX, MY LIFE mimics a Japanese advertisement's imitation of an American advertisement in which a model plays the role of a waitress in a German beer hall.

In 1997 Matsukage teamed up with Muneturu Ujino, whose background lay in graphics, photography, and music. Together they created a collaborative live performance "art-unit": a two-man band they called "Gorgerous" (a combination of "gorgeous" and the dinosaur suffix "saurus"). Borrowing and bending the grammar of Western Rock Music and Japanese Techno- Punk, the Gorgerous phenomenon cuts across cultural boundaries of East/West, male/female, high art/mass culture, and nature/artifice.

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