In his early student days, Toshio Iwai was fascinated by pre-cinematic toys, such as flip books and zeotropes, which then led him into the world of animation. In 1986 he began to use computers to create real-time manipulation of audio and visual components and quickly became a major figure in the world of interactive media.

Ten years later he published his Sim Tunes software, which is used to create "music pictures." This software was first issued in the United States and later appeared in Japanese, German, and French versions. Iwai's interest in the relationship of sound to image led to a collaborative performance with the musician Sakamoto Ryuichi, which premiered at the Art Tower Mito in Japan.

Toshio Iwai has become a cult figure in Japan as the creator of the characters and computer graphic design for Fuji Television's "Einstein TV" (a science show offered in a news format), as well as the extremely popular daily interactive show "Ugo Ugo Luga."

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