Naoto Fukasawa's CD player for MUJI was conceived in 1999 during his affiliation with Without Thought, a workshop where in-house designers from several Japanese companies came together to work and brainstorm.

Conceived as a way for the design community to share design ideas and discuss values, Without Thought was one of several such workshops that Fukasawa ran between 1996 and 1999.

Naoto Fukasawa is intrigued by the unconscious actions of people in their everyday environment. He strives to reach our subconscious and make us relate to the objects around us from a new perspective. In the 2001 exhibition "Workspheres" at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, he showed two pieces: "Cut Skies Under Someone's Sky" and "Chair with a Soul Left Behind." The first was an interactive work that focused on how the sky affects our moods; the second, an office chair with a changeable surface, explored the idea of the chair as the most personal object in the work environment.

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