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A Movable Feast: Sukkahs from Around the World

Every year on the festival of Sukkot, Jews all over the world build a sukkah by their home. These temporary structures recall the booths in which the Tribes of Israel lived during their journey through the desert to the Promised Land. This diverse collection of sukkahs, built in communities from East and West, will be exhibited under one roof for the first time. The display highlights both their common features and the unique character of each one.

The Sukkah
decorations of Rabbi
Immanuel Loew

Decorations from
the Ettlingetr
family sukkah

The sukkah in
Bukhara (Central

The Sukkah of the
Deller family

The Sukkah in

The Samaritan

The sukkah of the
artist Shalom Zeev

Sukkot in the Me'ah

The sukkah in Iraq

The sukkah in
the desert

Sukkah decorations
from Turkey

The sukkah in
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