LIQUID SPACES brings together the work of five young Israelis living and working in New York. They all come from very different backgrounds - industrial design, literature and film, music, architecture, and photography - and the common thread that connects them is the fact that their works are all digital, shifting from their electronic encryptions into material manifestations in the exhibition space. Daniel Rozin's Wooden Mirror, Trash Mirror, and Shiny Balls Mirror entice the visitor to reflect on, and be reflected by, their transformative surfaces. Tirtza Even invites the visitor to navigate her liquid landscapes through digital intervention, a transforming agency granted by the artist to the user to produce new variations across non-linear pathways. Amit Pitaru plays with animated drawings and painted images through computer coding, whilst Ruth Ron and Inbar Barak's installation allows gallery visitors to see through walls, with Superman-like X-ray vision, into the museum's hidden spaces.

In all these works, the ever-changing flow and real-time transmission of data from the Internet or television interrupts the passivity of the artifact, while, at the same time, intervention by the visitor challenges the traditional role of the viewer in the gallery. LIQUID SPACES offers new perspectives for the visitor as he or she interacts with the works and becomes instantly transformed into an actor on the electronic stage.

Curator: Alex Ward


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