About the Conference

The Israel Museum's international conference for education, "Bridging Gaps 2015", will discuss the educational challenges facing museums in the 21st century. Artists, curators, teachers, guides, designers, writers, scholars, and heads of educational departments from museums in Israel and abroad will meet to discuss the bridges they create between the museum and its visitors, between art and its viewers, between distinct communities, and between individuals and their identities.

The 21st-century museum is a pivotal cultural institution operating in a postmodern multicultural reality as a mediator, and as such it faces questions such as: How can the museum be made accessible to different communities? How can its values reach audiences varying in their age and the language they speak? How can art be used as a language to bring together communities that otherwise would never interact? How can the museum's one-of-a-kind works of art be made accessible to youth who are used to the ubiquitous visual-digital language of modern times?

The conference lectures and workshops will explore topics such as identity, community, learning, change, and pluralism as they reflect on the programs and activities taking place in museums. Educational departments from Israel and around the world will present their vision and the way in which they mediate between the museum and the general public. The conference aims to generate discussion and debate about the common dilemmas and challenges in art education.

About The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


The Israel Museum is Israel's foremost cultural institution and one of the world's leading encyclopedic museums. Founded in 1965, the Museum's terraced 20-acre campus houses a universal collection of art and archaeology of world-class standing, including the world's most comprehensive collections of the archaeology of the Holy Land and of Jewish ceremonial art and ethnography, together with extensive holdings in the Fine Arts, ranging from Old Masters through Contemporary Art and including the arts of Africa and Oceania, Asia, and the Americas, Prints and Drawings, Photography, and Architecture and Design. In less than fifty years, the Museum has built a far-ranging collection of more than 500,000 objects through an unparalleled legacy of gifts and support from a wide circle of friends and patrons throughout the world. The Museum also offers a full program of temporary exhibitions each year and publications, educational programs, and special events that reach out to all of Israel's populations and to the world community. For more information, please visit our website: www.imjnet.org.il

About the Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education

The Israel Museum comprises four wings: the Archaeology Wing, the Wing for Jewish Art and Life, the Fine Arts Wing, and the Youth Wing for Art Education. The Youth Wing has been operating for fifty years to make the Museum and its values accessible to audiences of all ages. The Youth Wing's annual theme exhibition is experiential and interactive?, aiming to expand the visitors' horizons and develop their creative thinking. Alongside the exhibitions and a library for children's illustrated books, the Youth Wing conducts dozens of activities such as art workshops and classes, guided tours, family events, and recycling projects. All these revolve around the theme of the annual exhibition, using it as a source of inspiration. The Wing also spearheads social initiatives catering to the community and holds seminars and conferences for its worldwide partners in museum art education.
For further information about the Youth Wing for Art Education, please visit our page on the Museum website: http://www.english.imjnet.org.il/page_1862
And our digital magazine for museum education (in Hebrew): www.imj.org.il/youthwing/magazine

Steering Committee: Bridging Gaps Conference

Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education:
Dr. Tali Gavish (Conference Chair) – Head of Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education
Beverley Penkin – Conference Producer
Eldad Shaaltiel – Senior Curator of Art Courses
Lihi Sapir – Curator of the Resnick Art Education Training Center
Kobi Ben-Meir – Associate Curator of Educational Projects
Nava Shwartz – Administrative Director
Naama Drori – Wing Coordinator
Inbal Genosar – Executive Producer

ICOM Israel
Dorit Wolenitz – ICOM Israel, Chair Israel National Committee of ICOM
Aliza Polger Galili – Administrative Manager, Israel National Committee of ICOM
Dr. Revital Duvdevani – Deputy Chair, Israel National Committee of ICOM
Tal Zur – Board Member, Israel National Committee of ICOM
Dr. Eran Arie – Curator of Archaeology IMJ, Board Member, Israel National Committee of ICOM


Sponsors and Partners

The "Bridging Gaps" conference was made possible with the assistance from the following organizations:
International Council of Museums and Israel National Committee of ICOM
Association of Friends of the Israel Museum in Germany
Italian friends of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs – Visual Arts Section
Platforma – Digital Magazine for Museum Education

and the generosity of the following families:
Judith and Burton Resnick, New York
Helene Spiegel, Los Angeles
The Joshua Family – in Memory of Mrs. Rose Joshua

International Council of Museums and Israel National Committee of ICOM       The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Division for Cultural and Scientific Affairs - Visual Arts Section       Platforma –Digital Magazine for Museum Education        Italian friends of the Israel museum, Jerusalem        The Association of Friends of the Israel Museum in Germany


Welcome to Jerusalem
With a rich history stretching back thousands of years, Jerusalem is a one-of-a-kind destination, of deep religious and historic significance to the three monotheistic religions, while remaining a vibrant, modern city.
On these pages, you can find some practical tips and recommendations of where to stay and visit in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Hotels in Jerusalem

The "Bridging Gaps" conference is in contact with the following hotels, which will offer special rates for conference guests. Please provide the hotel with a copy of the receipt for your conference registration or a letter of invitation when making your reservation.

Prima Park Hotel
Prima Park Hotel Jerusalem is located in close to the Israel Museum. Free parking and free internet are available on site. There is a bus stop outside of the hotel, and the journey to the Old City takes approximately 15 minutes. The Park Hotel offers spacious rooms with a multi-channel television, and rooms on the top floors enjoy panoramic views of the city. Guests staying at the Prima Park Hotel Jerusalem can use the pool, tennis, and squash courts at the Cosell Center with a voucher obtained at the reception.

Tel: 972-2-6582222
Fax: 972-2-6582211
Email: park@prima.co.il
Address: 2 Vilnay Street, 95435 Jerusalem

Little House in Rechavia
Located in one of Jerusalem's premier neighborhoods, Little House in Rechavia is a well-positioned hotel within easy walking distance of the city center, the Old City, and the Israel Museum.

Tel: +972 (0)2 5633344
Email: Littlehouse@jerusalem-hotel.co.il
20 Eben Ezra St., Rehavia
Jerusalem, Israel

Prima Kings Hotel
Conveniently located near both the modern and ancient sites in Jerusalem, the newly renovated Prima Kings Hotel makes it easy for guests to take advantage of everything that the city has to offer.

Tel: +972-2-6201201
Fax: +972-2-6544366
E-mail: kings@prima.co.il
Address: 60 King George St.

Three Arches Hotel YMCA
Located on the very central and beautiful King David Street close to downtown Jerusalem and the Old City, the Three Arches Hotel offers a blend of old world charm, friendly hospitality, art, and architectural wonders, together with modern, comfortable accommodations to ensure a pleasant and memorable stay in this remarkable city.

Tel: 972-2-5692692
26 King David St.

Mishkenot Sha'ananim Guesthouse
The historic Mishkenot Sha'ananim complex in the picturesque Yemin Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem features a unique guest house for artists, intellectuals, and academics. The guesthouse is located within walking or brief traveling distance from Jerusalem's cultural and entertainment center, as well as its holy and historic sites.

Tel: +972-2-6292220

The Dan Boutique Hotel
The Dan Boutique Hotel Jerusalem exudes a lively and trendy ambiance, lending innovative elements to hospitality. The Dan Boutique Hotel is situated in a prime Jerusalem location within walking distance of the Old City on a small hill facing Mount Zion and the Old City Walls, and in close proximity to the Old Turkish Railway Station (the First Station), one of the capital's newest entertainment hubs.


*Please contact Beverley at beverleyisraemuseum@gmail.com if you would like to make a reservation at the Dan Boutique hotel

Other Recommended Hotels and Guesthouses

Jerusalem Yitzhak Rabin Hostel
Located very close to the Israel Museum
Tel: +972-2-5945511
Fax: +972-2-6796566
Nahman Avigad 1, Giv'at Ram
Jerusalem 91390
Email: rabin@iyha.org.il

Harmony Hotel
Tel: +972-2-5425555
6 Yoel Moshe Salomon St.

St Andrew's Scottish Guest House
Tel. +972-2-6732401
1 David Remez Street

The Little House in Bakah
Jerusalem +972 -2 -6737944
1 Yehuda St., Corner of Derech Hevron 80

The Little House in the Colony
Tel: 972-2-566 2424
4a Lloyd George Street
The German Colony

Your arrival in Israel
A note about security and passport control on entry and departure from Israel: you may be politely, but thoroughly questioned by security personnel regarding the purpose of your trip, destination, etc. It is best to be patient and to answer the questions openly and honestly. Please take your conference invitation or registration with you to show the reason for your visit.

Changing Money at the airport
There are several exchange bureaus operated by banks at Ben Gurion Airport. One is located within the baggage pickup hall and others are at the arrival hall. They are easy to spot and the exchange rates and fees are generally reasonable and better than hotel exchange rates. There should be no problem exchanging Dollars and Euros to Israeli Shekels.

Getting from the Airport to Jerusalem
We recommend taking a shared shuttle taxi (called "sherut") from the airport to Jerusalem, which will bring you directly to your required destination. The price of the ride is fixed and is usually around 65 NIS. This special service to Jerusalem is operated by a company called Nesher and their stand is just outside the arrival hall, where you will also find private taxis that charge between 230 - 250 NIS (approx.$60) for a ride to Jerusalem depending on the time of day and the day of the week. Please note that evenings and Saturdays (the Sabbath) are more expensive. Nesher also offers their shuttle service on Saturdays, but you must reserve in advance. Please call: 02-625-7227

Public transportation Map of Jerusalem Transport system (buses and light rail)
See map »

Egged Bus Information: tel. 02-530-4704 for local buses, *288 for inter-city buses

Taxi companies
Beit HaKerem: 02-500-0101
Hapisga: 02-642-1111 (closed on Shabbat)
Hapalmach: 02-679-3333
Bar-Ilan: 02-586-6666
Romema: 02-538-5555

When taking a taxi in Israel, it is recommended to tell the driver at the beginning of the journey that you will require a receipt with the name of the company, date, time, and the final cost of the ride. Drivers will often offer a set rate instead of the meter, so is advisable to ask for the meter and the receipt. Please note: in Israel, it is not customary to tip your taxi driver.

Highlights of Jerusalem:

The Old City of Jerusalem
There is a magical quality about the Old City of Jerusalem that does not exist anywhere else in the world. Perhaps it is due to the remarkable history of its towering stone walls and ancient buildings, or the sacred atmosphere that surrounds the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim holy sites.

The Western (Wailing) Wall
Join the thousands of people who come each year to visit the Western Wall – a relic from the ancient Temple and a source of longing and inspiration for the Jewish people. The Western Wall Plaza is open all year round, 24 hours a day, and is the site for many national and private ceremonies, including ones for Memorial Day, military initiation, national prayer gatherings, and religious celebrations.

The Western Wall Tunnels
Take a fascinating tour of the Western Wall Tunnels and see hidden layers of the Wall that are revealed underground, telling the story of ancient Jerusalem and the many generations who longed for it. The tour takes approximately an hour and 15 minutes. To learn more, click here to explore the Western Wall, browse the stalls in the narrow streets of the Old City bazaar, and visit the site of Jesus' crucifixion.

Arab Market
The Arab Market The colorful market called 'shuk' in Hebrew, offers a fascinating variety of lively shops and stalls, from mixed nuts and spices, to different kinds of sweets and pastries, vegetables and falafel, along with souvenirs, ceramics and oriental jewels and cloths.
Walking around the market you are likely to see the Arab vendors carrying green carts full of their famous delicious bagels, while others are busy selling their goods to the passing tourists. Do not hesitate to bargain for lower prices, it is commonly acceptable.

Mount of Olives
The Mount of Olives offers spectacular views of Jerusalem, especially of the Old City. Historically, the Mount of Olives was a site of great importance and considered the center of Jerusalem. Today, the site remains a location of holy pilgrimage for both Jews and Christians, with over 150,000 graves (the mount was a traditional burial site in Jerusalem for 3000 years) and a number of important Christian churches located on this amazing mountain ridge.

Jerusalem is blessed with some of the finest museums in the country and its museums are a great way to gain a greater understanding of this great city, its history, culture, and people. The city contains so much diversity in terms of culture, religion, art, history, and combines traditional museum exhibits and innovative interactive displays.

The Israel Museum

The Museum on the Seam

The Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem

The Bloomfield Science Museum

Tower of David – Museum of the History of Jerusalem

Biblelands Museum

Jerusalem Artists' House

Yad Vashem
An important, yet somber, place to visit in order to get a deeper understanding of Israel, Yad Vashem is Israel's memorial to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. When Yad Vashem came into being, a core goal of its founding visionaries was to recognize gentiles who, at personal risk, and without a financial or evangelistic motive, chose to save their Jewish brethren from the ongoing genocide during the Holocaust. Those recognized by the State of Israel as Righteous Among the Nations are honored in a section of Yad Vashem known as the Nations. Located on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the large complex of museums, monuments, and exhibition halls with major archives, library, and other resource centers extends over 45 acres. Take your time, and be prepared to be moved deeply.

The Knesset – Israel's Parliament
You've read about Israeli lawmakers and their policies in the media. Now take a free guided tour of Israel's Parliament at work. You'll get to see the inner workings of the building, hear about the role and responsibilities of the Knesset, see the art on its walls, including famous tapestries by Marc Chagall, and view the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority in Israel; its precedents are binding not only on all lower courts, but on all persons and State institutions. The judiciary, the executive, and the legislature (the Knesset) constitute the three branches of government. The building of the Supreme Court juxtaposes several contradictions: inside and outside, old and new, lines and circles. For example, natural light and walled spaces suggest inside and outside areas, and old and new are explored in many of the building's architectural elements that incorporate Israel's history, with an emphasis on Jerusalem. Concepts of law and justice are expressed visually, with lines representing law and circles representing justice.

The Biblical Zoo
The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo typically makes it to the top of the most-visited sites in Israel list every year, and it's not hard to see why. Great fun for the entire family, you can take a respite from all that sightseeing with a walk through this delightful zoo, which is spread over 62 acres, and includes many animals from the bible, together with a unique program of breeding endangered species.

Mahane Yehuda
Just a few minutes' walk from the city center up Agrippas Street to Mahane Yehuda, this amazing outdoor market, referred to as the Shuk, stretches between Jaffa Road and Agrippas Street. Mahane Yehuda market is one of the most beautiful markets and best-known icons in Israel. In Mahane Yehuda, you can find everything, ranging from clothes to household goods; flowers, art, accessories; and every variety of fresh and specialty food: sweets, baked goods, meat, fish, eggs, produce, spices, dairy products and so much more. The shuk is also a great venue to experience Jerusalem's nightlife, with restaurants, bars and intimate music clubs.

The First Station
Originally built as a train station during the Ottoman Empire, the First Station in Jerusalem is one of the city's historic landmarks and retakes its place as one of the city's most popular and lively cultural and recreational areas. The First Station offers visitors an unparalleled experience, thanks to its exceptional location at the crossroad between Jerusalem's Old City and its modern neighborhoods.

Mamilla Mall
Also known as Alrov Mamilla Avenue, Mamilla Mall is an upscale shopping street and the only open-air mall in Jerusalem, Israel. Located northwest of Jaffa Gate, the mall consists of a 2,000 foot pedestrian promenade called Alrov Mamilla Avenue, lined by 140 stores, restaurants, and cafes.

Tower of David & the Night Spectacular
The Tower of David Citadel is located right within the walls of the Old City, next to Jaffa Gate, but is often overlooked. Don't make that mistake! The Citadel is full of amazing history, and the many rooms of ancient artifacts and stunning rampart views over the Old City make it a must-see. Don't forget to wrap up your day's sightseeing with the Night Spectacular!

Close to Jerusalem and well worth visiting

Float in the Dead Sea
Located approximately 40 minutes from Jerusalem, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and a very special place to visit. If you need to relax, especially if you're feeling rundown, the Dead Sea is the ideal place to visit. Bring your newspaper along for that picture opportunity, smother some of that mineral rich Dead Sea mud on, and then float on your back in the warm, salty sea. Just avoid diving in!

Visit the mountain fortress of Masada
The fortress of Masada stands on an isolated rock plateau in the south east of Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea. The tale of Masada is one of Jewish heroism and bravery, with 1000 inhabitants committing mass suicide rather than surrendering to their Roman enemies. Take a walk up the Snake Path to the top of Masada if you're feeling adventurous, or if you prefer, you can take the cable car.

Top 10 things to see and do in Israel
This is a toughie, narrowing down Israel's top attractions to a top ten "must do" list. But, here it is our attempt at bringing you the best of the Holy Land in one ultimate checklist. These are things that you really should see and do in Israel, no matter if you're here for a long weekend or a month.


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