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מיכאל שחם

Isart: The Israeli Artists Golden Year Book, Tel Aviv: Stier Publications, 1977

מיכאל שחם, פסל. נולד בניו יורק, 1938. עלה לישראל 1948. התחנך בקיבוץ שדות-ים.


התחנך בקיבוץ שדות- ים.
1957 אצל יחיאל שמי.
1960 אצל יצחק דנציגר.
1968-1961 "ארט סטודנטס ליג", ניו יורק.
From 1960- 1966 Studied sculpture, anatomy, drawing, bronze casting and art history at the Art Students league and the New School of Social Research. Also worked at an art bronze foundry. During this period, he won three scholarships, which helped him to fully utilise his time for study.


Due to the demand for high quality bronze casting, for other sculptors, as well as for himself, he was encouraged to develop an art bronze foundry in Netanya, together with his brother-in-law. In 1968 gave art lectures around the country under “Art for the People"project, which is run by the America Israel Culture Foundation and the Israel Government.